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Shutter-Speed-Tester - now

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The PhotoPlug is also available at Fotoimpex now!

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„Shutter-Speed“ is an App which allows you to measure the shutter speeds of your cameras simply with your smartphone. There is no need for a PC or bulky equipment. The App is available for both iOS and android-devices !


There are two ways of using the App:

With or without the PhotoPlug-extension


a) The „Plain-Mode“ (without PhotoPlug):

When you release the shutter of your camera, it makes a sound. But this sound is more than just an ordinary „klick“: It contains the noise of every single action that is going on inside the cameras shutter. The App utilizes this fact by displaying a graphical waveform of the shutter-release-sound. This can look like the following:

You will get a peak when the shutter opens and another when it closes. The time between the two peaks is the shutter-speed !


b) The „PhotoPlug-Mode“

The „PhotoPlug“ is a small device that fits to the headphone-jack of your iPhone or android smartphone:

It converts light into electrical signals which are transfered to the phone via the microphone input. In order to make a measurement, you have to open the camera back, point the camera towards a bright lightsource and position the PhotoPlug behind the camera:

All other steps are identical to the „Plain-Mode“: You will recieve a waveform with two peaks, identicating the opening and closing of the shutter:

Advantages: The biggest advantage of the PhotoPlug compared to the Plain-Mode is the much higher accuracy, as you can see in the picture above. Unlike the sound-measurement, you will get very sharp and easy identifiable peaks even at faster speeds. Measurements up to 1/500sec are easily possible on most cameras.